Destiny 2 Palladium sneakers up for pre-order soon


Fancy some space boots, Guardian?

Destiny 2 Palladium sneakers will soon be up for pre-order on the Bungie store, the companies have recently advised.

“Coming soon! Destiny x Palladium boots pre-order starts October 11 10AM PDT on Bungie Store and Bungie Store EU,” Bungie advised via tweet. Both stores are accessible to Australians… provided you’re happy with paying in USD or in Euros and don’t mind excessive shipping charges.

That pre-order time equates to 4.00 am AEDT on 12 October here in Australia. You can head over to the Bungie Store or Bungie Store EU at that time.

The sneaker boots, shown above, look to be a variation of Palladium’s Pallabrouse Baggy. Those shoes, priced at $85 USD, features a moveable collar and a cotton canvas boot. The Destiny version looks to use some rubber on the boot too. Are the shoes sexy enough to have you consider a pre-order? Tell us why or why not in the comments, below.

Destiny 2 is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. It’ll head to Stadia next month.