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Destiny 2 Ishtar Commander app headed to PC, Mac

The Destiny 2 Isthar Commander item management app is heading to PC and Mac, its developer recently declared.

The application allows players to transfer items betweeen Guardians and the Vault without having to switch between characters in-game. It allow has other ease-of-use functionality like a button that will automatically put your Guardian to the highest Power possible.

Developer Nigel Hietala took to Twitter with the confirmation last week.

Hietala took time off to actually enjoy Destiny 2 before amending the popular app to work in Bungie’s new game.

The Isthar Commander app should work in Destiny 2 sometime this week. For those looking for immediate PC functionality, try Destiny Item Manager.

Destiny 2 is available now on Xbox One and PS4. Its first Faction Rally event begins this week.