Destiny 2 Grimoire Vol 3, Cookbook coming in 2020


Ramen recipes inbound.

Two more Destiny 2 books — Grimoire Vol 3 and a Cookbook — will be available for purchase in 2020, Bungie has today confirmed.

“In collaboration with Insight Editions and author Victoria Rosenthal, Destiny’s first official cookbook is filled with recipes inspired by the characters and locations seen throughout its expansive universe,” Bungie advised. The Cookbook’s cover features fried chicken and arancini, though we’re sure a ramen recipe of some description will be found inside.

Destiny Grimoire Anthology Vol. 3 will continued the popular Grimoire series of books as well.

Both titles will soon be available for pre-purchase ahead of their 2020 release dates.

Destiny 2 is avaliable now on Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Stadia.