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Destiny 2 destroys the Almighty in live event that took 90 minutes

Alongside details of how you can grab the Seraph's Wings emblem.

A special Destiny 2 live event destroyed the menace of the Almighty overnight… but took 90 minutes from start to finish to do so.

Despite players reminding one another to log in early to the event to avoid server queues, developer Bungie seemingly postponed the event for approximately 30 minutes to ensure all players were logged in and able to watch the spectacle.

When things kicked off, NPCs like Shaxx and Ikora left their usual positions to watch as Rasputin launched an attack at the Almighty. The successful attack caused the Almighty to destruct, with its wreckage slamming into the Earth.

You can watch the recorded live event below, thanks to PC Gamer.

Regardless of whether or not you woke up for the event, you can head to the Tower and inspect the damage (it’s to the left of Zavala, between him and Eververse) for the Seraph’s Wings emblem.

Destiny 2 is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Stadia where available. News of the game’s next season drops on 10 June.


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