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Destiny 2 content categories defined by Bungie



Destiny 2 content categories were today defined by developer Bungie.

“One thing we want is to set clearer expectations for is which categories of content are available to everyone each Season, and which are exclusive to Destiny 2 Expansions,” Game Director Christopher Barrett wrote in a new update.

“Expansions are purchasable updates that typically add new Story, Destinations, and Gear, as well as new Crucible, Strike, and Raid Lair content,” Barrett wrote. “Seasons introduce content that is made available to all players of Destiny 2, at no additional cost.”

This means all players will have access to the Faction Rally event that begins on 16 January as well as Iron Banner, which starts on 30 January.

Destiny 2 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.