Dark Souls Remastered changes make it more like Dark Souls 3


Good news or bad news?

Bandai Namco has shared an extensive list of changes being made to Dark Souls Remastered that will bring it more in-line with later entries in the franchise.

With thanks to IGN, the list of changes are detailed below.


Dark Souls Remastered will run in the following resolutions on available platforms:

  • Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, PC: 4K resolution, 60fps
  • PS4, Xbox One: 1080p resolution, 60fps
  • Switch: 1080p, 30fps when docked or 720p, 30fps when in handheld mode

VG24/7 managed to capture 30 minutes of the game on PS4 Pro, which you can check out below:

Online Multiplayer

  • Online player count is now 6 rather than 4 players
  • The Dried Finger item will be required to play with 6 players
  • The Dried Finger has been moved from the Painted World of Ariamis to the Undead Burg merchant so that it can be obtained earlier in the game
  • The Dried Finger location in the Painted World has been replaced with a Twin Humanities item
  • Password Matchmaking is now available, as in Dark Souls 3
  • Friends will be able to matchmake in an easier fashion, with levels adjusted to account for gaps between the host and the guest players
  • No healing items, apart from Estus Flasks, will be available in PvP
  • When a player defeats an invading phantom, their Estus Flask is restored
  • Players can turn toggle global matchmaking on and off
  • Players can now prevent matched Red Phantoms from seeing their “White Sign Soapstone” sign
  • Players can no longer summon ally phantoms consecutively when in combat with enemy phantoms


  • 3v3 and 6-player deathmatch will both be available
  • Password Matching can also be used in Arena battles
  • Respawn points will be randomised

Everything Else

  • Rather than one at a time, players can select the number of usable items they use at once
  • Available languages have been boosted to equal the number available in Dark Souls 3
  • A Bonfire has been added next to Vamos the Blacksmith
  • Covenants can be switched at Bonfires
  • Button remapping will be made available
  • Items will not automatically be registered into an item slot when picked up
  • The first item equipped will be selected when the up or down directional pad button is held down
  • Dedicated servers will be used rather than a P2P configuration

What do you make of the above changes?

Dark Souls Remastered heads to Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch on 24 May.