CockVille update adds Taylor, aka drag queen Miss Tea Queue


You better slay.

Gay erotic farming simulator CockVille has received an update that adds a drag queen named Miss Tea Queue to the mix.

“The new update is a new guy, Taylor, who’s a shy cosmetologist by day and a show-stopping drag queen by night: Miss Tea Queue,” developer Unicorn Division told Stevivor in reference to the update.

The update, available from earlier in November, means you have an entirely new guy — or new guy and a sassy drag queen, really — to begin courting. And if you’re looking to court Taylor properly, we’ve got a bunch of Q&As to help, courtesy the Cockville Discord. Ctrl + F is helpful here to find the question you’re looking for.

Taylor/Miss Tea Queue Q&As

  • Are romantic moments in your relationships more important than kinky ones? Yeah. They don’t happen as often, making them all the more special.
  • Are you into sexual roleplay? I like roleplaying. It teaches you about yourself.
  • Are you prone to anxiety? I can’t seem to stop worrying.
  • Coffee or tea? Give me tea!
  • Could you let me do all the work and not move a single muscle? No idea. Wanna try?
  • Could you reach up and grab that bottle? I’m not wearing any heels. Sure. Must be difficult being 5.6.
  • Describe your cock! It’s long, but not too long, with rich veins running down the thick shaft.
  • Do you have a favorite body type? Honestly? As long as they’re healthy, everything’s fine.
  • Do you have any regrets from the past? I wish I came out sooner than I did.
  • Do you have many friends? Many acquaintances, very few friends.
  • Do you like it rough? Not really. It takes a man to be gentle.
  • Do you like yourself? It’s a touchy subject.
  • Do you mind if your partner isn’t skilled enough? Somewhat. It means I have to be careful not to freak them out, I mean, too soon.
  • Do you moan duting sex? I prefer listening to my partner’s moans.
  • Do you use facial creams and skin moisturizers? Not yet, but I’m beginning to understand their importance.
  • Do you remember what kind of underwear I wear? Boxers and tucking panties.
  • How do you usually end your day?
  • Nothing beats a hot shower after a long day.
  • How hard was coming out for you? It was the most difficult time of my life.
  • How many sexual partners have you had so far? Very few, I’m afraid.

CockVille is one of Nutaku’s LGBTIQ+ offerings and is currently available on PC and Android and can be downloaded as a standalone app if you don’t want to access Nutaku’s website in order to play.