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CD Projekt RED answers some community questions on Cyberpunk


CD Project RED confirmed their new project, Cyberpunk, back in May, and have since been pretty quiet about it. Alas, no longer — they’ve just taken to their blog to answer some questions from the community regarding the game.

In the short post, CD Projekt RED has said that the game was inspired by William Gibson, Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell. They also handle questions on classes in-game, plus character customisation. As far as more info, screenshots,or videos from the game, Community Manager Marcin Momot simply replied, “I keep bothering guys from the art team to release some new content soon but they don’t want to listen to me for some reason. I won’t give up though, so make sure to follow our website and social media because when I finally convince them, you will be the first ones to know.”

Check out the full posting for some interesting information.

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