Capcom almost made Resident Evil amiibo for Revelations


We missed out by the width of a Jill sandwich.

Capcom toyed with the idea of Resident Evil amiibo for the release of Resident Evil Revelations and Revelations 2.

According to Famitsu (via Nintendo Everything), Capcom didn’t go with the obvious choices of Chris, Jill, Barry or even Claire, instead opting for Hunk and Lady Hunk, two characters who feature in the game’s Raid mode.

Capcom’s Ryota Niitsuma, director of the Revelations franchise on Switch, said that “various circumstances” caused the production of said amiibo figurines to fall by the wayside.

Would you be interested in Resident Evil amiibo to use on Nintendo Switch? If so, which characters would you like to see immortalised? (Big-armed Chris all the way, if you ask me.)

Resident Evil: Revelations and Revelations 2 are now available on Nintendo Switch. The titles are also available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.