Canada comes with Mounties and hockey rinks in Civilization 6


But one rink per city? COME ON.

Firaxis and 2K Games today detailed the Canadian faction coming to Civilization 6 Gathering Storm. The nation doesn’t disappoint, complete with Mounties and hockey rinks.

Hockey rinks, a staple of the Canadian landscape, will sadly be limited to one rink per city. While that may work in real-life when we’re talking about a town of 500 people (shoutout to Turtleford, Saskatchewan), my hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan — with a population of 250,000 — has 9 indoor rinks and more than 20 outdoor ones. We kind of love hockey.

Take a good look at both Canada and the recently announced Maori in new videos, below.

Civilization 6 Gathering Storm heads to Windows PC on 14 February 2019. We gave the game’s Switch version our strategy GOTY award.