Call of Duty: WWII: Changes to the next multiplayer beta, detailed


Call of Duty: WWII‘s first multiplayer beta has come and gone, and with it, players have given a wealth of feedback. Some of those suggestions will be implemented in the game’s second, upcoming beta, Activision has confirmed.

Here’s what will change between the first and second multiplayer betas, as detailed in a post on the game’s website:

  • Adjusting Dom kills to 100pts, from 50.
  • Increasing TDM end match score to 100.
  • Hit feedback improvements, including better audio and more obvious headshot indicator
  • Reducing Molotov to x1 per Scorestreak.
  • Sprint out to ADS time refinement.
  • Incendiary Shells as default off, and perhaps need to be nerfed.
  • Paratrooper strength / cost balancing.
  • Recon Aircraft too vulnerable to rifle damage.
  • Color Blind support option.
  • Bumper Jumper and other key controller configs.

Activision is maintaining a Reddit thread for suggestions should players wish to provide feedback.

WWII‘s second multiplayer test will be offered up on both Xbox One and PS4 over the weekend starting 1 September. This pass beta was exclusive to PS4.

Call of Duty: WWII heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 in November.