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Bethesda’s Orion technology designed to improve streaming

Bethesda detailed Orion, a proprietary piece of software that would make it easier for players and publishers to stream content.

“Integrated within the game engine itself, Orion can achieve dramatic latency reductions of up to 20% per frame plus up to 40% less bandwidth required,” Bethesda said of the tech in a press release. “Orion’s software innovations work seamlessly with nearly any game, game engine, or streaming provider, making Orion’s incredible performance benefits an additive benefit to innovations in hardware and connectivity from streaming providers.”

All that above means a better streaming experience for those who use it.

“A game using Orion offers high-speed performance with imperceptible latency, even in a twitchy shooter; lower usage against ISP bandwidth caps; and a wider availability, making quality play available to players living far from data centers,” Bethesda continued.

“The Orion SDK is easily integrated into almost any game, which means developers can deliver best-in-class experiences to players through streaming, with minimal additional development effort.

“Orion can help providers reach larger audiences, at reduced costs, with a superior level of service. Orion makes possible substantially reduced capital investments in data centers, and can materially lower the cost of operating a streaming service.”

While Doom was shown off in-conference, Bethesda has promised that fans will be able to try Orion out for themselves thanks to a live tech test coming later this year. To take part, you’ll need to join the Doom Slayers Club.

We’ll have more on Orion as it’s made available.


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