Belated Kingsman mobile tie-in game available on iOS, Android


Sure, why not?

The game that no one asked for, Kingsman The Secret Service is now available on iOS and Android devices.

Priced at $5 AUD, the game is a tie-in to the original Kingsman film, 20th Century Fox and partners MARV Studios and YesGnome recently announced.

Kingsman: The Secret Service Game features scenes inspired from the movie and some of the toughest villains to challenge the Kingsman agents, including Gazelle and Valentine,” a press release reads.

“The game opens with the destruction of a Kingsman base, and players will assume the role as new recruit, Eggsy, to uncover and foil a deadly plot that threatens humanity. Players can use a mixture of stealth, combat and puzzle solving to take down the bad guys, and work out which one of them is responsible for the devastating raid.”

Okay, then. Download links are here and a trailer is below.

Kingsman: The Secret Service Game is available now on iOS and Android.