Battlefield 5 TTK patch rolls out tomorrow


But you can play with original TTK values if you'd like.

The first patch designed to fix Battlefield 5‘s TTK (time to kill) and TTD (time to death) values will roll out tomorrow, DICE has confirmed.

The changes are coming after player feedback which states that it’s far too easy to die whilst in a multiplayer round of Battlefield 5.

“Again, thanks to feedback from the majority of our community, we will be making some changes to our TTK/TTD damage models,” DICE advised. “The new changes directly impacts TTK across the game. This is to ensure a more even gameplay experience for all of our players. These changes will roll out globally across all servers starting on Wednesday, December 12th.”

Moreover, those happy with current TTK and TMD times can choose to play on the server playlist titled “Conquest Core.” Live tomorrow alongside the tweaks, this new playlist will use original TTK and TMD values.

“Additionally, this new playlist will evolve over time and is the first step toward a traditional Battlefield ‘Hardcore’ experience,” DICE added.

DICE also confirmed it’s not done tweaking these specific values, and that more changes are on the way.

“Alongside these changes, we are still working on elements related to TTD improvements including netcode, damage and health feedback, and much more,” DICE said.

Battlefield 5 is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.