Get Darksiders 3 for $53 AUD on Xbox One right now


What a deal!

Update: The entry looks to have been changed since our original post, removing Darksiders 3 from the mix. It’s unclear if those who’ve purchased the bundle while all three games were listed will get to download them all.

If in doubt, don’t forget about Microsoft’s refund policy. Take your cash back! And if that link doesn’t let you self-refund, go ahead and talk with Microsoft support.

Original story: Darksiders 3 is currently priced at $53 AUD on the Microsoft Store right this second.

Likely a pricing error, the upcoming title is listed at $52.45 AUD and also includes remastered versions of both Darksiders and Darksiders 2 — you can check out the listing for yourself right here.

THQ Nordic today confirmed that Darksiders 3′s release date is 27 November 2018 — the listing has it a bit wrong there as well, citing 2 May 2017.

This listing mightn’t have all the bells and whistles as Darksiders 3‘s two special editions, but it’s sure a lot cheaper. Are you planning on taking advantage of the listing? Why or why not?

Darksiders 3 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 27 November.