EB Games Zero Regrets trade policy is like a big undo button


Buy back a game you've traded in for that same price.

EB Games’ Zero Regrets trade policy has kicked off, offering EB World customers the chance to buy back traded games at the same amount they were traded in for.

EB World members will have the chance to buy back a title at the same trade-in price they’d previously organised. This is allowable at any time — even years later — provided the game isn’t already priced at a lower amount by then. While it’s likely the latter situation will come into play as more time passes, it’s still a neat little promotion.

The policy only applies to games (not hardware), and is available today to all EB World members.

Moreover, EB Games is currently offering the chance to grab an Xbox One X for $299 AUD, so it’s a good time to pop into your local.