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Baptiste now live on Overwatch’s PTR; here are his abilities

Ready to give him a try?

Baptiste, the 30th hero in Overwatch, is now live on the game’s public test realm (PTR). As such, we now know everything about the support character and his abilities.

Baptiste’s abilities

Here’s what to expect when playing as the newest healer.

  • Primary fire: Medic SMG, complete with a three-round-burst hitscan weapon.
  • Alternate fire: Biotic Launcher, which shoots healing projectiles that heal anyone inside its AOE.
  • Passive ability: Exo Boots, which allow a charged crouch that flings Baptiste into the air.
  • Ability 1: Regenerative Burst, which is a heal-over-time effect on both Baptiste and his allies. Allies don’t need to stay on top of Baptiste to benefit from this either.
  • Ability 2: Immortality Field, which literally grants immortality for 8 seconds; with it engaged, those in the ability’s AOE can’t go below 20% health.
  • Ultimate: Amplification Matrix, in which Baptiste makes a barrier that doubles the damage of any friendly projectiles that pass through it. You can see the ability in action in the image above.

As mentioned, Baptiste is now available on Windows PC via the PTR; we’ll let you know when he’s live in-game for everyone to use.

Overwatch is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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