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Avengers update will increase the grind required to level up

Eep to this XP rework.

An upcoming Avengers update will rework XP, causing an increase to the amount of grind a player will need to participate in before levelling up.

Developer Crystal Dynamics made players aware of the upcoming update in a new blog post.

“Since we launched last September, our balance team has been evaluating the XP curve for leveling from 1-50 and we’ll be making some changes to address two core issues,” the update began. “The current XP ‘curve’ isn’t really a curve at all. In most RPGs, the amount of XP you need to level up increases as you gain levels in a curve, but our system is a straight line. This has led to pacing issues, such as skill points currently being rewarded too fast, which may be confusing and overwhelming to newer players. We want each decision to invest in a skill or Heroic to be more meaningful.”

To correct this ‘problem’, Crystal Dynamics will be “increasing the amount of XP needed to level up, starting from around level 25,” which means it will take more time to level up to the level cap of 50.

The update will take effect from 18 March 2021, so if you want to reduce grind, you’d best start playing.

We didn’t think Avengers was too great when we reviewed it, citing a strong single-player offering that was needlessly ruined through a marriage with games as a service (GaaS)-style mechanics. Increasing the amount of grind needed to level up? Well, that simply adds to the game’s woes.

The patch will come just one day before Avengers’ current-gen upgrade and new character, Hawkeye.

Avengers is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Stadia and properly heads to Xbox Series S & X and PS5 on 19 March.

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