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Aussie YouTuber admits to breaking NDA in Assassin’s Creed Mirage leak

Aussie YouTuber Dan Allen has admitted to breaking an NDA in relation to a recent Assassin’s Creed Mirage leak after accidentally outing himself on Twitter.

Allen was dual posting on Twitter as himself alongside a new account called “TheRealInsider”, which detailed Mirage ahead of official word from Ubisoft. He obtained his Mirage information from pre-briefs directly from Ubisoft, signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to hold the information until an official embargo in exchange for the early info.

Last week, Allen mistakeningly used his alt account when replying to a comment on the social media service and was caught in the act.

Ahead of the confirmation of his actions — and a subsequent apology video — users on social media pointed out that Allen was originally denying the allegations.

Two days ago, Allen seemingly turned course, acknowledging his activities alongside an apology.

“I’m ashamed of it,” Allen said. “It was pathetic and just dishonest. A lot of you are raging and saying, ‘Well, why the fuck did you do it?’ and to be honest: it’s clout, it’s the buzz, it’s being addicted to the thrill of thousands waiting on what you’re gonna say.

“I’ve taken for granted my access, my nearly 200k subscribers, the flexibility of content all taken for granted for this fucking facade, and I’m ashamed, disgusted. I’ve a sinking feeling in my stomach ever since then. And I’m not making excuses, because it is my fault and no one else’s but mine. And because of it, I’ve lost industry friends, I’ve lost relationships — personal, business-wise, opportunities — all for that five seconds of fame. And, you know, I take full responsibility.”

Allen also admitted to fabricating additional leaks for further attention.

“I mentioned Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid remake[s], and I can say that there was no NDAs [non-disclosure agreements] involved there because it’s all bullshit,” Allen continued. “It’s all lies, bullshit secondhand comments. Half the posts were educated guesses.”

Allen has disabled both of his Twitter accounts, though his YouTube channel remains intact. The YouTuber said he’ll take a break for now, promising to return later as a “positive force”.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Ubisoft said it takes NDA breaches “seriously”.

“We regularly provide access and information on our games under NDA to trusted partners,” a rep told the outlet. “When that trust is compromised, or information is leaked by an individual, it’s not only damaging and demoralising to our teams, but it takes away from an exciting reveal moment and experience for our players. While we won’t speak on an individual case, we do take these matters seriously and will manage accordingly.”

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