Aussie-developed TownCraft now available for iPad


The Australian developed city building/crafting game hybrid TownCraft is now available after two years of development.

Created by two brothers from Sydney — Leigh and Rohan Harris working as Flat Earth Games — TownCraft officially launched for iPad last week at PAX Australia on 19 July 2013.

The developers describe the game as “a relaxing experience” and a game “where you can zone out, explore, create and discover.”

It starts out humble enough, focusing on having the player gather stone and wood to craft their first axe. But gradually, it becomes a full-on medieval city-builder, with players managing their town’s economy, hiring and firing workers, handling the stocks of their taverns and shops, or optionally, completing quests and following an off-beat story.

We’ve stripped it right back, following our childhood love for 90s games. It’s single player, there are no leaderboards or social media calls, hunger or tools that break, time limits or ads, and most definitely no in-app purchases to get in the way of just playing.

Take a behind the scenes look at development of the game below.

TownCraft is available now for iPad 2 and up and iPad Minis on the Australian App Store for $5.49 AUD. Other regions and iPhone support are reportedly coming soon.

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