Anthem PTS now live on PC for owners, Origin Access Premier

The Anthem PTS — or Public Test Server — is now live on Windows PC for owners of the game alongside those in the Origin Access Premier subscription program.

The PTS will primarily be used to test out the game’s upcoming Cataclysm endgame activity, allowing those who try it out to provide feedback. There’s a catch: current Anthem players won’t be able to bring their existing javelins, currency, XP or other owned items onto the server. You’re starting from scratch, folks; similarly, you won’t be able to bring anything from the PTS into your actual game.

It’s not all bad news though — those testing will automatically be bumped up to level 30 and have access to all four javeline types.

Anthem is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. Cataclysm is expected later this month.

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