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Alien: Isolation gets new difficulty modes in latest update

You die in Alien: Isolation an awful lot. The Xenomorph feels like it is everywhere, always on your tail, hearing even the slightest breath or squirm. Apparently a hyper sensitive, instantly deadly enemy isn’t enough for some players, as Creative Assembly has decided to offer a Nightmare difficulty mode in the latest update for Alien: Isolation. There is also a Novice mode for those that found the Xenomorph too much to handle, but it won’t make hiding in lockers any less tense.

Nightmare mode takes away the reliability of your motion tracker, increases the rate you burn through flamethrower fuel, decreases item drops, removes UI elements such as health bars and ammo counts, makes human and humanoid enemeies more deadly, removes the map system and of course, makes the Xenomorph even more aggressive, intelligent and unforgiving. It sounds absolutely horrible, but should pose a whole new challenge to veterans of the game. Novice mode sounds more my speed, making combat easier, drops more plentiful and the Xenomorph less aggressive, easier to distract and less adept at finding your hiding spots. You can find the full information on the official website.

Both difficulty updates are available from today, in all versions of Alien Isolation. Our review is here.


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