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Starlink Pilot guide: What each Battle for Atlas pilot can do

Starlink Battle for Atlas is all about changing up pilots, spaceships and weapons — and that said, it’s sometimes hard to remember what does what. This particular Starlink guide is all about pilots and what they can do for you.

We’ll list each pilot below, alongside their special Pilot Ability and Starship.

Mason Rana

“The newest recruit to the Starlink Initiative, Mason is a genius inventor with big hopes for the future. His Starlink Technology lets the crew easily swap pilots, weapons and starships.”

  • Orbital Strike Pilot Ability: This calls in a powerful orbital laser that hits multiple targets in a wide radius.
  • Zenith Starship: “Mason’s starship is one of the first designed for the initiative. It has extra power that makes it perfect for heavy machinery.”


“Judge is a powerful alien with a mysterious link to Nova. He was discovered in Earth’s Arctic by St. Grand and is now on a mission to track down his makers and learn more about himself.”

  • Time Shift Pilot Ability: This distorts time, slowing down enemies. At the same time, you’re able to move at normal speed and have unlimited weapon energy.
  • Neptune Starship: “Named for the giant planet near the edge of our solar system, Neptune’s design is as mysterious as its pilot. It’s armored, durable, and stable, ideal for knocking around smaller starships.”

Levi McCray

“A West Coast daredevil, extreme sports athlete, and internet star. Levi has no boundaries and always has to be the centre of attention. He snuck on board the Equinox back on Earth in search of fame, not realising how far that choice would take him.”

  • Danger Zone Pilot Ability: This lets Levi become invulnerable for a brief time. Anything that touches his ship during this time will be damaged.
  • Scramble Starship (exclusive to Target in the USA; Big W in Australia): “Scramble is the ultimate expression of Levi’s daredevil personality, tweaked with aftermarket additions that crank the fun factor and significantly decrease its safety.”

Razor Lemay

“A trained fighter pilot and self-professed metal head, Razor serves as the Equinox’s mechanic and combat tactician. She’s tough, proud, and has no time for nonsense. Her hard-earned discipline keeps the whole team focused.”

  • Power Chord Pilot Ability: Engages a sonic assault that damages targets when you hit buttons at the correct moment.
  • Cerberus Starship (exclusive to Gamestop in the USA, EB Games in Australia): “Modelled after the fighter jets Razor flew during her military days, this is a precision machine of freedom and firepower. Cerberus is just as feral as its namesake.”

Eli Arborwood

“A mysterious old pilot who has escaped a violent past by retreating to a simple Prospector life.  He’s been around long enough to have seen the truth of what really happened on Atlas.  He’s out of retirement now, and his enemies had better watch out.”

  • Gunslinger Pilot Ability: Time slows when activated, making it easier to line up your shots.
  • No Starship.

Calisto Chase Da Silva

“Chase is a 16-year-old racing phenomenon and fierce competitor from Sao Paolo, Brazil. Despite a racing injury that cost her her left arm and leg, she’s as competitive and cheerful as they come.”

  • Overdrive Pilot Ability: This provides unlimited boost for a brief period, also offering increased speed and handling.
  • Pulse Starship: “Chase’s starship is bright, nimble, and built for speed, just like her. Using her expertise with racing engines, Chase is constantly tweaking and fine-tuning the ship for maximum performance.”

Kharl Zeon

“A scatterbrained Expedition scientist who’s happiest at home in the lab. His quick-firing intellect often distracts him from everyday things like social niceties. He harbors a lifelong fascination with the Wardens, and dreams of unlocking their ancient mysteries.”

  • Vortex Shield Pilot Ability: Creates a shield that absorbs incoming damage.
  • No Starship.

Hunter Hakka

“Hunter is a former black-ops soldier who is on a spiritual quest following a mishap on his last mission. He is descended from Samoan warriors, and is the loyal protector of the initiative.”

  • Shadow Strike Pilot Ability: Executes a flurry of quick strikes with precision aiming.
  • Lance Starship: “Designed to mimic the black-ops military aircraft Hunter used to fly, Lance is a nimble fighter optimised for dogfighting: quick, manoeuvrable, and hard to spot against the blackness of space.”


“Shaid is an Outlaw pirate from the Atlas star system. After years of stealing precious cargo from the galaxy’s most dangerous people, she now wants the Initiative’s help to get revenge on Grax.”

  • Vanish Pilot Ability: Lets you disappear to either escape or set up a ruthless stealth attack.
  • Nadir Starship: “Named after Shaid’s mother, Nadir was once a passenger craft. But after Shaid stole the starship, she enhanced it with black market upgrades to make it blindingly fast and incredibly durable.”

Fox McCloud

“Ace pilot and leader of the Star Fox Team, Fox McCloud is the legendary defender of the Lylat star system. Fox came to Atlas in pursuit of Wolf O’Donnell and his crew, and he has teamed up with the Starlink initiative in their fight against Grax and the Forgotten Legion.”

Fox is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

  • Rock N’ Roll Pilot Ability: Calls in another Star Fox team member to help fight enemies.
  • Star Fox Arwing Starship: “This pinnacle of starship engineering offers its pilot unrivaled levels of performance, efficiency, and firepower. Its wings come equipped with laser cannons, making the Arwing a force to be reckoned with in the right hands.”

Starlink: Battle for Atlas heads to Xbox One, PS4 and Switch on 16 October.

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