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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order guide: All stim canisters

Earn the Medical Droid Achievement or Trophy and boost your health in the process.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is out now and one of the game’s Trophies or Achievements requires you to gather all of BD-1’s stim canisters. This guide will help you with that, earning you the Medical Droid Achievement or Trophy.

While they’re BD-1’s stim canisters, they actually aid our hero, Cal Kestis, who can call upon his faithful droid to shoot out one one of the health-replenishing canisters. All up, Cal can take advantage of ten canisters at one time, which is extremely useful when trying to tackle a challening baddie; you start with two and have to find eight.

The canisters are scattered throughout the galaxy, and are easily identifiable as they’re hidden within giant yellow crates. Two stim canisters are on Bogano, four on Zeffo, one on Dathomir and one on Kashyyyk. Locations are below.

Bogano stim canisters

  • Landing Pad: Head to the area directly under the Mantis. You’ll need to use Force Push to get an orb into a hole, opening a door to the area with the crate.
  • Subterranean Refuge: At the top floor of the giant hub area. You can drop down from the top of a colosseum-style bit or use Force Pull to move blocks into position to platform up.

Zeffo stim canisters

  • Derelict Hangar: This area is shrouded in darkness but you’ll be able to see the glowing yellow panel on the crate if you look around. You’ll need to platform a tiny bit.
  • Venator Wreckage: After exploring the crash site area and receiving the Visiting Alderaan Places Achievement or Trophy, look to the left — you’ll be able to see it fairly easily. A couple double-jumps and you’re golden.
  • Ice Caves: You’ll really need to start at the Imperial Dig Site Level 2; and take advantage of a vent that shoots air upward in order to then travel up a zipline. This is at the end of it. You could also find some swinging ropes at the Caves themselves — located nearby the giant monster that breaks out of a wall to attack you — to get here.
  • Imperial Dig Site: This is also on Level 2. You’ll need to travel up a zipline and disengage before its end to land on a small platform. Travel from the platform along a small pipe and use Force Push to break a wall at its end. Your prize awaits.

Dathomir stim canister

  • Nightmare Ruins: At the end of a balance beam up along the rooftops.

Kashyyyk stim canister

  • Origin Lake: After using a bounce-plant pad to jump to vines, climb up an watch a battle with some fauna and Flametroopers. Turn around immediately and use two bounce-plants (with a giant bird to their right) to get to this one.

Work better off a video? One’s below.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is out now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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