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How many missions are there in Doom?

MINOR SPOILER WARNING: There are some very minor spoilers below about Doom. Nothing detailed about the story, but if you want to know NOTHING (not even how long it is), go back now.

Doom has three main components: single-player, multiplayer and SnapMap.

While multiplayer and SnapMap are seemingly endless, the single-player campaign definitely has a beginning, middle and an end.

Single-player is comprised of 13 main missions. And the game was released on Friday the 13th. Seeing a connection here?

All up, the single-player campaign on hard took this gamer about 12-15 hours to complete. I walked away with 610/1000 gamerscore after hitting level 5 in multiplayer and going through all SnapMap tutorials. My remaining achievements are basically gathering all collectibles and upgrades. Nothing a couple chapter selects can’t fix.

If you’re interested, the names of each of Doom‘s missions are below:

Doom Missions

  • 1. The UAC
  • 2. Resource Operations
  • 3. Foundry
  • 4. Argent Facility
  • 5. Argent Energy Tower
  • 6. Kadingir Sanctum
  • 7. Argent Facility (Destroyed)
  • 8. Advanced Research Complex
  • 9. Lazarus Tanks
  • 10. Titan’s Realm
  • 11. The Necropolis
  • 12. VEGA Central Processing
  • 13. Argent D’Nur

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