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Fallout 4: Use this infinite caps glitch before its patched

Reddit has discovered an infinite caps glitch inside Fallout 4.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Head to any ammo-selling vendor.
  • Buy all of the ammo of one type (10mm, as an example).
  • Sell just one bullet back to the vendor.
  • Sell the rest of that bullet back to the vendor.
  • You’ll end up with a phantom bullet that you can keep selling back for more caps. BAM!

Don’t forget that the vendor has a finite amount of caps — take him or her for what they’re worth and move on. Resting for a bit also resets their cashflow.

It doesn’t work on every single vendor, but we found it worked 2 out of 3 times in Diamond City.


Update: Says El Duderino, “Surprised I’m not seeing the amped up method of the infinite cap glitch anywhere… getting EVERYTHING from a vendor. Usually you’d have to spam the sell button (A on the X1) hundreds (or thousands?) of times to get anything valuable, but there’s a further glitch you can use.

“I only found one vendor with more than 30 caps that I couldn’t glitch: the quartermaster on the airship (with all the sweet equipment). What I’ve found that works almost every time is using .38 ammo. Move it all, move 1 back, move the rest back and make sure that you have that one bullet. If it doesn’t work, try a different type of ammo. It almost always works.

“Here’s where the glitch goes on steroids. Go through the seller’s inventory and take EVERYTHING you want. Ammo is weightless, so stock up. Fusion cores obviously. (I have enough that I can wear power armor indefinitely.) Any weapons that are rare/awesome. And then…

“Go to that one round and hit it around 100 times. Probably don’t need it that many, but somewhere between 75-100. Then stop. Go to the SELLER’S side, and start trying to get that same ammo right back. It glitches again , and watch as the game starts selling larger and larger amounts of the ammo from you TO the seller. That’s right, sell FROM the seller, and caps will transfer in your direction, and the amount increases every time. Even buying something like 40,000 caps worth of stuff will take you about 10-12 clicks on the sale button.

“You can clean out a vendor of all their good stuff, including all of their building materials for settlements, in about 3-5 minutes. Then come back and do it again later.

“I’ve got so much heavy equipment, mini nukes, special weapons (Fat Boy F TW) that looting bosses doesn’t help any more. This is so much more than a simple cap glitch…it’s an everything glitch.”

Thanks heaps!

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