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Fallout 4: How to find Vault 75 (and get one more Bobblehead!)

We’ve already detailed Vault 81 for you guys, so we thought we’d now take the time to detail how to find Vault 75.

Hidden in the basement of a school, this Vault has a magazine, a Bobblehead and sets up a VERY important quest down the line — we won’t spoil it here, but trust us: you want to visit this Vault.

Here’s how to find it:

  • Head to the Malden Middle School. It’s southeast from Vault 111 — but then again, what isn’t? If you’re having trouble, go right up to the top of the map and head east to find Recon Bunker Theta, then head straight down to the school.

maldenmiddleschool fallout4vault75othermap

  • Once there, head into a room with a cage to gain access to the basement. We’ve attached a couple maps for your ease.

fallout4vault75basement fallout4vault75
We’re not huge into spoilers, but let’s just say this — have fun exploring. There’s definitely one magazine in the joint, as well as the Science Bobblehead.



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