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Fallout 4: Here are a bunch of cheat codes for Windows PC!

A bunch of Fallout 4 cheat codes for the Windows PC version of the game have been discovered.

Here they are, in no particular order. To use them, first hit the ~ key to bring up the in-game console.

  • Secret developer room with all items: coc qasmoke
  • God Mode (infinite health, ammo, AP): tgm
  • Toggle all NPC AI: tai
  • Toggle NPC combat AI: tcai
  • Toggle NoClip mode: tcl
  • Show all markers on map: tmm 1
  • Unlock selected door/terminal: unlock
  • Enable free-roaming camera: tfc
  • Kill selected target: Kill
  • Kill all NPCs in immediate area: KillAll
  • Add an item to your inventory: player.additem [code of item]
  • Spawn an item or NPC nearby: player.placeatme [object code]

For those last two, you’ll need an item or object code. Here are a bunch:

  • Bottlecap: 0000000F
  • Stimpak: 00023736
  • Rad Away: 00023742
  • Fusion Core: 00075FE4
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum: 0004835F
  • Perception Bobblehead: 00178B5D
  • Minigun: 0001F669
  • Fat Man Mini-Nuke Launcher: 000BD56F
  • Cryolator: 00171B2B
  • Deliverer: 000DC8E7
  • 5mm Rounds: 0001F66C
  • Mini-Nuke: 000E6B2E
  • Cryo Cell: 0018ABE2


Thanks, IGN.

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