Evil Within 2 Bethesda Easter egg guide: All collectibles


Complete your collection.

As we detailed earlier, The Evil Within 2 has a bunch of Bethesda-themed Easter eggs. In this guide, we show you how to find ’em all.

The items are listed below in chronological order. Spoilers obviously lie ahead!

  • Panzerhund (Wolfenstein): Found in Chapter 3. Look in the back cab of the truck that’s parked outside Treadwell Trucking. It’s inside a smashable crate.
  • Rocket Launcher (Quake): Also in Chapter 3. Get to the roof of a house in the residental area, near House Inn. Climb up onto a shed to get to the roof for the object.
  • Corvo’s mask (Dishonored): Also found in Chapter 3 — look on the seats of the abandoned red train, northwest on the map. The car you’re after has lots of body parts and rats about.
  • Bobblehead (Fallout): This is in Chapter 6. Found behind a bunch of unbreakable crates after meeting the white goo monster for the first time.
  • Doomguy (DOOM): In Chapter 7. This is in the Union Business District, in a large bin just beside the corpse of a Mobius operative.
  • Elder Scrolls logo (The Elder Scrolls): Chapter 12. Look in the upstairs office inside Sebastian’s House.
  • Keeper Bobblehead (The Evil Within): Also in Chapter 12. The original game’s biggest baddie is found in the living room of Sebastian’s House.
  • Mug (Prey): Chapter 13. Look behind the reception desk inside the Sanctuary Hotel.


The Evil Within 2 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. We reviewed it here.