The Division 2 backpack keychain guide: Bling it up


It's all about that bling.

The Division 2 is available now, and alongside a host of missions and side events comes a ton of customisation. This guide is to help you unlock all of the game’s backpack keychains.

Here are all the (current) possible keychains and how to earn them:

The Division 2 backpack keychain locations

  • Plush Hippo: The Theatre Settlement; rooftop terrace (level 3)
  • Lincoln Bust: During Lincoln Memorial mission, look to the alcove marked “Cafe”
  • Speaker’s Gavel: Awarded for completed the Bank Headquarters Mission
  • Gold Bar: During the Bank Headquarters Mission, look in the vault
  • Space Shuttle: During the Air & Space Museum Mission, look in front of the crashed spaceship
  • Skeleton: During the DCD Headquarters Mission, handing off a teaching skeleton
  • Plush Flower: The Campus Settlement; next to sunflowers upstairs
  • Hockey Player: The coolest keychain is a random drop from the District Union Stronghold
  • Flag and Dog Tags: Another random drop from the Capitol Building Stronghold

The following keychains are also available if you fulfilled the following conditions:

  • Teddy Bear: Pre-order bonus
  • Capitol Building: Awarded to those who played the open beta
  • Supply Crate: Awarded to those who completed a DZ mission in the open beta
  • American Flag: Awarded to returning, high-tier players from The Division 1

Work better off a video? Easy done, thanks to the internet’s Arekkz.

The Division 2 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.