Devil May Cry 5 Gold Orb locations guide: Power to the revive


We've found a ton of continues.

Devil May Cry 5 is out now, and this particular guide is to help you find all its Gold Orbs.

Here are short text descriptions of all the Gold Orbs we found, including the mission they’re found in. We’ve a similar guide for Blue Orbs too.

For every Gold Orb gathered, you’ll earn the ability to use a continue if you’re beaten down. It’s especially useful for the game’s end boss.

Let’s get to it!

Devil May Cry 5 Gold Orb locations

  • Mission Two: after the first open area, look to the right and jump up (then down) into a small area with a bus. It’s at the end after a little fight.
  • Mission Three: Right after the Blue Orb and a short cutscene after you move from one building to another using a grip point.
  • Mission Four: After your hair turns white in a cutscene, finish off enemies and jump up some shipping containers at one end of the area.
  • Mission Four: After a cutscene on a bridge, look behind you.
  • Mission Five: Go to a dead end and look to the left.
  • Mission Seven: Behind a pillar in the lowest ground of the train station.
  • Mission Nine: After fighting a Knight-looking enemy; if you broke the special wall for the Achievement, it’s on the path that’ll take you back to where you started.
  • Mission Nine: After getting past a cutscene and fighting near a tomb, it’s on a ledge looking back the way you came from.
  • Mission Ten: In an area with two red, vagina dentata-openings (the other has a Secret Mission).
  • Mission Ten: In a platforming area with platforms that open and close, keep going to the right instead of up.
  • Mission Twelve: After getting the egg required to progress, you’ll get this on the way back down to your objective.

You’ll also receive Gold Orbs for daily logins and when players vote you as Stylish… not that we really understand that mechanic.

Have you found Gold Orbs that we haven’t? Sound off in the comments area, below.

Devil May Cry 5 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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