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Devil May Cry 5 Blue Orb locations guide: They’re vital

We've found a bunch of 'em so far.

Devil May Cry 5 is out now, and this particular guide is to help you find all its Blue Orbs.

Here are short text descriptions of all the Blue Orbs we found, including the mission they’re found in. We’ve a similar guide for Gold Orbs, and remember that Blue Orbs are awarded for completing each of the game’s 12 Secret Missions.

For every four Blue Orbs gathered, you’ll get a new section of your Vitalty Gauge.

Let’s get to it!

Devil May Cry 5 Blue Orb locations

  • Mission One: After jumping off the first bridge, look behind you — it’s under the bridge strut.
  • Mission Three: In the middle of the section where you need to use platforms to progress from one building to another. It’s tucked in between some ventilation ducts.
  • Mission Four: After using an egg to get to a new area for the first time.
  • Mission Four: Call Nightmare in an area after getting the egg — it opens a wall in a building you can traverse through.
  • Mission Eight: After the Secret Mission and before you enter the next bloodstream, kill the baddie tentacle behind it.
  • Mission Nine: Jump up some platforms in a white, mucousy looking tunnel before heading forward.
  • Mission Ten: At the end of the second red-vaginal mouth looking thing that you encounter.
  • Mission Eleven: In the area with platforms made from uneven flooring, break all the red vein things and you’ll see it in a new opening.
  • Mission Fourteen: Find the pillar with the Blue Orb on top and then double jump and hit B to get to it.
  • Mission Fifteen: Rather than continuing forward, stand on a grapple point and work your way around.
  • Mission Eighteen: Look for some platforms to jump on to continue down the main path. Beat the three enemies up there and you’ll spawn the orb.

Hope that helped!

Have you found Blue Orbs that we haven’t? Sound off in the comments area, below.

Devil May Cry 5 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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