Destiny 2 emblems guide: How to get them, what they track


Destiny 2 emblems are just one customisation item available in-game. In addition to armor and weapon sets, Guardians can also emblems to better represent themselves.

Reddit’s Chippy569 has lovingly crafted a listing of all of Destiny 2‘s emblems, including how to obtain them. It’s a great resource, making it very easy to index the types of emblems on offer with detailed instructions on how to go ahead and get it. Some emblems require kills, others skill… and some, sadly, just require plain ol’ dumb luck. Better pray to RNGesus!

Here’s the full listing of emblems and their requirements, below. We’ll update the list as we learn more. And before you ask, the emblem we’re displaying above is “Try the special” — it’s highly recommended.

Class Emblems

Titan’s PrideStart a Titan
Hunter’s WitStart a Hunter
Warlock’s FlightStart a Warlock
Sentinel’s ShoveUnlock a Sentinel Titan treeKills as Sentinel
Striker’s SlamUnlock a Striker Titan treeKills as Striker
Breaker’s BlazeUnlock a Sunbreaker Titan treeKills as Sunbreaker
Strider’s SlashUnlock an Arcstrider Hunter treeKills as Arcstrider
Slinger’s SightUnlock a Gunslinger Hunter treeKills as Gunslinger
Stalker’s ShotUnlock a Nightstalker Hunter treeKils as Nightstalker
Blade’s BlastUnlock a Dawnblade Warlock treeKills as Dawnblade
Walker’s WarpUnlock a Voidwalker Warlock treeKills as Voidwalker
Storm’s SurgeUnlock a Stormcaller Warlock treeKills as Stormcaller
Titan’s TriumphCampaign Completion with a Titan
Hunter’s HoardCampaign Completion with a Hunter
Warlock’s WisdomCampaign Completion with a Warlock

Planetary Emblems

Lost Sector of EarthLoot a lost sector on Earth
Lost Sector of TitanLoot a lost sector on Titan
Lost Sector of NessusLoot a lost sector on Nessus
Lost Sector of IoLoot a lost sector on Io
Kay’s CommandEDZ Engram
Dead Zone CamoEDZ Engram
Trostland TerminusEDZ Engram
New Pacific AccessTitan Engram
Solarium YellowTitan Engram
Cargo Bay CrossTitan Engram
Jacobson’s StaffFailsafe Engram
Exodus AccessFailsafe Engram
Tangled AnchorFailsafe Engram
Holy GroundIo Engram
Traveler’s FlightIo Engram
Ballet LoverIo Engram

Tower Vendor Emblems

Hakke UpgradeGunsmith Engram
Suros UpgradeGunsmith Engram
Veist UpgradeGunsmith Engram
Give Them WarShaxx EngramCompetitive Playlist Wins
One Path to VictoryShaxx EngramCasual Playlist Wins
Fight ForeverShaxx EngramCrucible K/D
WAR Vault 5Ikora Engram
Red Legion LogisticsIkora Engram
Red Legion AegisIkora Engram
At the VanguardZavala Engram
Make Us ProudZavala Engram
Push ForwardZavala Engram Emblems

Stand TogetherBungie Store Purchase (Sept. 5 through Oct. 31)
Meridian of DestinyTricorn Pin Purchase
Planet of PeaceBungie Foundation pin purchase
Resonant ChordPurchase the Destiny 2 Soundtrack
Emperor’s ShadowsDestiny 2 collector’s/deluxe edition

Activity Completion Emblems

High Risk, High RewardPrestige Nightfall CompletionPrestige Nightfall Completions
Rally the FlagHeroic Public Event CompletionHeroic Public Event Completions
Gather Your FireteamLead a Guided Game Nightfall
C-T-A-T-O-D-LDrops from world boss kills on patrol

Veteran Reward Emblems

Lore ScholarDestiny 1 Veteran Reward
Saladin’s PrideDestiny 1 Veteran Reward
Young WolfDestiny 1 Veteran Reward
Heard the CallDestiny 1 Veteran Reward
Slayer of OryxDestiny 1 Veteran Reward
Laurea Prima IIDestiny 1 Veteran Reward
Laurel TriumphantDestiny 1 Veteran Reward
The First WaveParticipate in the Destiny 2 Beta
Symposium ninjas
Vigilant mentors
Confluence of LightGamescom 2017 giveaway (and other cons?)

Leviathan Raid Emblems

Embrace His NameComplete the Leviathan Raid
Two Enter, One Leaves?
Good Dog?
Take the Throne?
Glory to the Emperor?
Splish Splash?

Trials of the Nine Emblems

Chasing PerfectionSeven wins on a Trials cardTrials Wins
You Are WorthyFlawless Trials CardTrials Flawless Visits

Cayde’s Stash Emblems

Way of the WolfCayde Chest
Against the DarkCayde Chest
Telstar GraphicsCayde Chest
Ghost BoardCayde Chest
Ace of SpadesCayde Chest
Jade Rabbit ReduxCayde Chest
Try the SpecialCayde Chest
Coordinate MathematicsCayde Chest
Spark of the MachineCayde Chest
Arcology InterfaceCayde Chest

Unknown Emblems

Adventurous Spirit?
Darkest Day?
The Consensus?
Heart of the City?
Brick by Brick?
Cutting Edge?
Sign of Mutual Combat?
Silicon Frontier?
Rune of the Adept?
Gone Hunting?
In the Fire?
Kadi 55-30’s Blessing?
Rune of the Disciple?
Rune of the Oracle?
Aspect of Shadow?
Aspect of Dust?
Aspect of Blood?
Veteran Crest?
Commander Crest?
Officer Crest?

Destiny 2 is available now on Xbox One and PS4. It heads to Windows PC in October.