Destiny 2 beta: How to get all three Exotic weapons


If you’ve been following our Destiny 2 beta guide, you know there are three Exotic weapons included for testing. The question is, how do you get your hands on ’em?

The answer is simple, really: create three characters.

The beta’s single campaign mission, Homecoming, is a great way to kick off your beta adventure. It will show you what’s happened to the Tower and introduce you to a bunch of important characters. What it will also do is provide you with an Exotic weapon based on your Guardian’s class. Here’s who gets what:

  • Hunter: Sunshot hand cannon
  • Titan: Sweet Business auto rifle
  • Warlock: Risk Runner sub-machine gun

You’ll get your Exotic as part of normal level progress. Told you it was easy.

The Destiny 2 beta is available now on PS4, and from 20 July on Xbox One. Those who haven’t pre-ordered can join the beta in a couple days.