Death Stranding Half-Life crossover items: How & when to collect on PC

Death Stranding is available now on PC and comes with a series of Half-Life crossover items alongside Valve items. This guide will detail when and how you can collect them all.

Gordon’s Glasses

You’ll get an email about the first Half-Life crossover item in Chapter 2. After returning from the Wind Farm, look for an email from Benjamin Hancock marked “λ”.

Head north of the Capital Knot City Distribution Centre and look for a large cargo in the shape of a Portal companion cube. Return the item to a distribution centre to claim it.

There’s a video below detailing this alongside the next two items.


This is in Chapter 3 once you get to Lake Knot City. Keep an eye out for another email marked “λ”.

This will task you to find a Companion Cube west of Lake Knot City; return it to be able to stick a valve on the back of your head.

There’s a video below detailing this alongside the two other items.

Gravity Glove

This is also in Chapter 3 once you get to the Weather Station that’s west of Lake Knot City’s southern Distribution Centre. You can probably guess what to look for by this point: an email marked “λ”.

Look for a Companion Cube stolen by MULEs to the north-west of the Distribution Centre South. Beat them, secure the cargo and return it for your prize.

There’s a video below detailing this alongside the two other items.

λ Truck

This is also in Chapter 3 after dealing with the Junk Dealer. You’ll get another email marked “λ”.

You’ll need to track down yet another Companion Cube, this time north-east from the Craftsman. Be careful as a host of BTs are in the area. Return the cube for a fancy truck.

Here’s a video explaining what needs to be done.


The Headcrab, pictured at the top, is available in Chapter 8 after meeting Heartman in person. You’ll get another email marked “λ”.

This time, the Companion Cube is south of Heartman’s Lab. There are BTs about, so be careful.

We’re on the hunt for a video that’ll help you obtain this one.

Strider hologram

The final item is available after you’ve finished Death Stranding proper, so in Chapter 15. You’ll get another email asking you to grab a Companion Cube north of the Craftman’s Shelter and quite near the Middle Knot City crater.

Pick up the cube for a cool story resolution.

A video detailing this is below.

Death Stranding is available now on Windows PC and PS4; the Half-Life and Valve crossover items are only available on PC.

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