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Dead Space Full Clearance guide: Master override

You Are Not Authorized... but you will be soon.

Dead Space is out now and differs from its 2008 original. This new remake of the survival horror classic has a number of side quests including You Are Not Authorized, which is very helpful if you want to collect all weapon upgrades and the like.

This guide will show you how to complete You Are Not Authorized by finding the seven RIGs needed to boost Isaac’s access on the Ishimura.

Completing the side mission using the guide will unlock the Full Clearance Achievement or Trophy. 

First, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Pick up the side mission in the Captain’s Nest during normal gameplay progression (Chapter 4)
  2. Find the seven RIGs needed to boost access
  3. Input the seven RIGS into a terminal found in the Captain’s Nest

Easy, right? RIG locations as follows:

  • Voelker’s RIG: You can actually find this in Chapter 3 before before the side quest is given; head to the flight deck (where the Kellion was) and then out into the vaccum in zero-g (on the way to Engineering). This is on the left-hand side of the area (the opposite to the way into Engineering).

  • First Officer White’s RIG: Once you’ve used the ADS cannons to take care of the asteroids, head to the end of the zero-gee section and you’ll find this on the right-hand side (when facing the door back into the Ishimura). This is in Chapter 4.
  • Lt. Commander Holt’s RIG: There’s a section in the East Grow Chamber that’s overgrown with biomass; shoot the glowing yellow orbs to get rid of it all and you’ll find this on a walkway (Hydroponics; Floor 3 – East Grow Chamber). This is in Chapter 6.
  • Mining Supervisor Dallas’s RIG: This is actually part of the story as you’ll need this RIG for Level 3 access. This is in Chapter 7, found in Mining; Floor 5 – Mineral Processing Control.
  • Chief Engineer Rousseau’s RIG: Once you’ve gotten Level 3 access (thanks, Dallas!), you can head back into a previously locked room in Engineering to grab this one. We obtained this in Chapter 7 and it’s in Engineering; Floor 5.
  • Comms Officer Bailey’s RIG: With Rousseau’s RIG in hand, you can head back towards the main quest line. This is in Bailey’s office as you’re sorting comms. We grabbed this in Chapter 8 at Communications Hub; Floor 2 – Comms Control Room.
  • Tram Supervisor Benson’s RIG: We grabbed this in Chapter 10 when doing a big clear-up of items, locations and the like. It’s on the floor of the tram tunnel off Bridge; Floor 4.

Don’t forget to head back to the Captain’s Nest to submit the RIGs… and from there, you can collect a bunch of weapon upgrades. Enjoy!

Work better off a video? Easy — one’s below.

Dead Space heads to Windows PC, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PS5 on 27 January 2023.

Dead Space

27 January 2023
PC PS5 Xbox Series S & X

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