Can’t turn off AR inside Pokemon Go? We’ve a fix!


Stuck in AR? Or worse yet, a creepy white void?

Pokemon Go today received a huge update that adds Generation 4 Pokémon, but it also comes with a bit of a bug — unwanted AR. If you’ve found yourself unable to turn off AR inside Pokémon Go after its update, we’ve a fix.

When you start up Pokémon Go, it should ask if you’d like to try out AR+. We said no, but found AR mode was activated anyway. We didn’t allow camera permissions to the app, so like this user on Silph Road, found a creepy white void instead of a cutesy little Pokémon world. Going into settings didn’t turn the feature off, either.

Here’s what to try instead:

  • Close Pokémon Go and reopen it. That might work without anything else (lucky duck).
  • After restarting Pokémon Go, head into Settings and turn AR+ mode off. You might have to restart the app again.
  • If the above options above don’t work, you might have to log out of Pokémon Go, then log back in. Check settings afterward and make sure AR+ mode is turned off.
  • If that doesn’t work, a user has suggested that giving Pokemon Go proper camera permissions, then trying the tricks above, could work.
  • If all else fails, we’d also suggest uninstalling Pokémon Go and restarting your phone before download the app again.

Good luck!

Did the above work for you? Let us know in the comments area below!

Pokémon Go is available now on iOS and Android devices.