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Blair Witch 100% completion guide: All collectibles and endings

Blair Witch is out now on both Windows PC and Xbox One, free to those who’ve subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass program. We’ve got a handy guide for you to be able to get all 1,000 Gamerscore with two full playthroughs.

Your first playthrough should net most achievements, collecting all pieces of garbage, wooden totems, victim photographs. Your second is a mop-up, getting a pacifist playthrough achievement alongside one that’s only obtainable in a second playthrough.

Playthrough 1: Kill monsters, grab all collecibles

We were about to start the arduous task of preparing a guide, but we’ve discovered that local YouTuber Aussie Gamer 17 has done a tremendous job already, making easy to digest videos that will walk you through the experience. We’re going to embed his remarkable videos for you to follow.

Following all the guides above will unlock the following Achievements:

  • The idol: Collect the first wooden doll.
  • Lost in the woods: Collect the first victim’s photo.
  • I hate pizza: Make the pizza guy lose it.
  • Snake charmer: Score 40 points in Cobra.
  • Counselling: Collect the first psychiatrist’s note.
  • Good boy: Pet the dog.
  • Evil in the woods: Kill your first monster.
  • Dogs of war: Collect the first dog tag.
  • To fallen comrades: Collect all dog tags of the fallen comrades.
  • To absent friends: Pay your respects to sherrif Lanning.
  • K.I.A.: Let the VA know about the lumberjack’s death.
  • Garbage man: Pick up all the trash.
  • Bullet doesn’t like’em: Break 10 totems.
  • Fast with a flashlight: Kill 10 monsters.
  • Ray of hope: Patch things up with Jess
  • Psychotherapy: Collect all of the psychiatrist’s notes.
  • Picture perfect: Collect all victim’s photos.
  • The fetish: Collect all wooden dolls.
  • Take his face: Become Carver (secret).
  • Last goodbye: Find out what happened to Bullet.

You’ll likely have earned these Achievements too, but you can always get them in your second playthrough just going through the story:

  • The longest hike: Walk 100 miles…
  • What you got there? Let Bullet bring you 10 things.

Playthrough 2: Spare all monsters, leave totems alone

Now that you’ve played through the game (how bloody trippy is that ending sequence), you’ll have a couple Achievments to mop up. Following Aussie Gamer 17’s guides above, you’ll only need to worry about the following:

  • Last transmission: Find out what happened to Peter.
  • Break the cycle: Help Ellis to get his redemption (secret).
  • Pacifist: End the game without killing any monsters (secret).

Last Transmission is reliant upon the collection of a battery in your first playthrough. If you’ve followed the guide above and got it, this video shows you where you can use it.

Finally, Break the cycle and Pacifist are related — you need to play the game without breaking any totems or killing any monsters. This video will help you with that.

And that’ll do it — enjoy that 1,000 Gamerscore!

Blair Witch is available now on Windows PC and Xbox One.

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