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Animal Crossing New Horizons dupe trick requires two players

The cloning glitch is easy to pull off.

Update: This glitch will be patched with the game’s version 1.1.1 update… because of course Nintendo doesn’t want you to use it.

Original story: A new Animal Crossing New Horizons dupe trick has been discovered, but it does require to players to pull off.

If you’d like to try to duplicate items, here’s how to go about it:

  • To start, you need an item you’d like to duplicate alongside a surface to put it on. In the video example below, that’s a Nintendo Switch and a cardboard box, respectively.
  • Player One will place the item to duplicate on the surface item.
  • Player Two should go to one side of the surface object and begin to rotate the surface item over and over.
  • While the surface object is being rotated, Player One should pick up the item on top.

If all goes well, the item will be picked up and a copy will remain on the surface being rotated. Rinse, repeat.

GameXplain shows how it’s done below.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out now on Nintendo Switch.


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