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Aliens have (crash) landed in Fallout 4: How to get the Alien Blaster

The Alien Blaster was one of the coolest weapons in Fallout 3… and it remains the same in Fallout 4.

I ran into a crashed Alien ship last night, and thanks to help from various redditors and YouTuber Razed, have retraced my steps to unlocking its secrets.

There are a bunch of steps to getting the Blaster, and we’ve summarised them with a video and images below:

[Update: Our video exploded, so thanks Achievement Hunter!)

  • First, you need to complete the Vault 75 quest. To do that, head to the Malden Middle School. It’s southeast from Vault 111 — but then again, what isn’t? If you’re having trouble, go right up to the top of the map and head east to find Recon Bunker Theta, then head straight down to the school.

maldenmiddleschool fallout4vault75othermap

  • Once there, head into a room with a cage to gain access to the basement. We’ve attached a couple maps for your ease.

fallout4vault75basement fallout4vault75

    • From there, legend has it that you need to head northeast towards Greentop Nursery, then west to the Old Gullet Sinkhole. That apparently triggers an Alien spacecraft overhead. I didn’t see that bit, but nonetheless, I did encounter the Alien craft afterwards. Can’t hurt to try it though, eh?

fallout4-alienmap1 fallout4-alienmap2 fallout4-alienmap3

  • From there, head to the Beantown Brewery. It’s east of Fort Hagen and north of Vault 81. Set a custom marker south of the brewery and look for a rocky area. The Alien craft should have caused some destruction — look for fire.

fallout4-alienmap4 fallout4-aliencrash

  • The next trick is to follow the Alien pilot’s blood from the crashed UFO to a nearby cave. Take him out, and then take the Blaster.

fallout4-alienship fallout4-aliencave fallout4-alienloot

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