Troubled today? Seek support (or help out!) these Australian LGBTIQ groups


You're definitely not alone.

Having trouble focusing today? You’re definitely not alone. Rather than wasting that nervous energy, why not harness it for something good?

While the list below is by no means comprehensive, it certainly goes a long way to show you how much support the LGBTIQ community has within Australia.

Use this list. If you’re struggling with your mental health on a day where Australians, quite literally, find out the results of a vote on the rights of others, seek help.

If you’re doing okay, consider a donation to one, or any number, of these groups to keep their very, very important work going.

The groups are nationwide unless otherwise noted.

Are you aware of other groups who deserve to be on this listing? PLEASE add them via the comments section below. Links will need moderation, but we’ll be lightning quick on that. Promise.

I realise this is a gaming website and not an LGBTIQ one, nor has it served as my own personal blog for many, many years. Still, this is important enough to make an exception.