Battlefield 1: Best shooter Game of the Year 2016


We’re near the end of our Game of the Year 2016 awards, so it’s time to bring out the big gun: Battlefield 1 as the year’s best shooter.

It was practically a no contest this year, as Titanfall 2 was equally deserving, yet no one played the damn game. Despite many other outlets awarding Overwatch best shooter, we at Stevivor felt Battlefield 1 excelled with strong single- and multiplayer offerings.

“The Runner will be the highlight for most Australians, as a rare opportunity to feature the ANZACs,” Ben said of a specific single-player campaign in his review. “Players abroad probably won’t appreciate the gentle ribbing of the Kiwis or the competitive fury with the Poms – let alone accurate Aussie accents.”

Runner up: Doom could have easily taken away this category if it has a multiplayer that was actually decent. Sadly, it let a superb single-player campaign down.