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World of Warcraft’s “Legion”: Mythic+ Dungeons are meant to replace the Raid for the time-poor

Blizzard’s Chadd Nervig feels that World of Warcraft‘s newest expansion, “Legion”, has a new system that will replace the traditional Raid for those with little time.

“We’ve heard time and again, ‘I love raiding but now I had a kid,’ or, ‘Now my work schedule changed,’ or other things in life,” Nervig, Technical Game Designer, said. “‘I can’t commit to this raiding schedule anymore.’

“For that reason, I’m really excited about our Mythic+ Keystone Dungeons — which is a new system, new in ‘Legion’, that lets us offer very challenging content. Or easy, very variable content — however difficult you want it to be,” he said.

Completing a normal Mythic Dungeon will offer up a Keystone, unlocking the Mythic+ Dungeon. From there, it’s all about an ever-increasing challenge.

“You can keep pushing that as harder and harder and harder [as you’d like to] see how high you can go each week,” Nervig said. “More importantly you get rewards and an alternate progression path without having the Raid commitment,” he said. “That’s what I’m probably the most excited about for the expansion.”

“The Dungeons are timed so you effectively know how long it’s going to take, too,” Nervig concluded. “The challenge is beating it within that time.”

You can find out everything there is to know about the Mythic+ system here.

World of Warcraft‘s “Legion” expansion goes live today at 5.00 pm AEST.

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