The Division 2 clans, co-op detailed by Massive


Buddy up.

Speaking with Stevivor at Massive’s studio in Malmo, Sweden, Game Director Mathias Karlson was keen to elaborate on one of the most requested features for The Division 2: clans.

“I’m personally very, very happy where we got with the clans in terms of how integrated it is into the game,” he said. “It’s literally in the menu, at your fingertips. You’re gonna be able to create, edit, manage, join a clan in just basically three clicks.”

But what will the clan system look like? According to Creative Director, Julian Gerighty, “it’ll have its own progression track, its own space in the base of operations, its own clan hall. Communication, very important, will be the theme with messaging and leaderboards that you can sort exclusively to see your clan from friends and members.

“Again, with three clicks, you can create or join a clan and organize it, play activities cooperatively. For the overall campaign experience, for the end-game activities, or for the Dark Zone.”

Leaderboards won’t be the only places you’ll be seeing your clan members, with both the clan space and the entire base of operations now being co-op enabled. It doesn’t just stop there either, with all the spaces in The Division 2 now being co-op enabled, allowing you to see your teammates at all times.

Not everyone enjoys playing in a group however, so what is there for solo players? Unfortunately, not much — at least initially.

“We of course considered a lot of different things in terms of how to evolve and improve,” Karlson said when asked about the potential for a solo-player only Dark Zone. “I think that’s one of those things where we’re gonna keep a dialogue with our players post-launch and also look at what works and what doesn’t.

“But we really want the Dark Zone at launch to be something that is any way of playing it is valid. You can go in there alone. There’s nothing forcing you to group. But we want to try to make sure that we also put you together with other people that are in the similar situation.”

Is that hinting at the possibility of solo-player matchmaking? I guess we’ll just have to wait until The Division 2 launches on 15 March to find out.

Hamish Lindsay was sent to Malmö, Sweden as a guest of Ubisoft. All travel, accommodation and meals were paid for by the publisher.