Stone offers side activities like full-length movies and a rave


Lots to do when you're not tracking down your chookie.

Ahead of Stone’s release later today, we sat down with Convict Games’ Greg Louden to discuss what the game’s titular koala private investigator can get up to in the Sydney-like Oldtown when he’s not on the clock.

“You can basically choose [to go to] different locations [inside Oldtown],” Louden told Stevivor. “The story might be in the Smoky Possum bar, but there’s also a cinema on the map that you can visit.”

The cinema will let players watch full-length feature films that are in the public domain, Louden added.

“You can go to the cinema, and you can just watch Night of the Living Dead, or you can watch Häxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages, or The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari.

“We have really great Australian cinema in there as well. There’s Australia’s first blockbuster — It’s called The Sentimental Bloke,” Louden continued. “I love that film. It’s a silent film all about a guy kind of going out and dating; those sort of things.”

If film isn’t your thing, you might want to have a boogie instead.

“Or you can just go to Echo, the nightclub, and just dance along to 30 minutes of amazing licensed techno,” Louden continued. “There’s a lot of cool music, and there’s a lot of cool hip-hop.

“The hip-hop producer who did the music in the trailer — Ryan Little — I’ve been looking at his music for a long time, and I just think he’s so cool, and incredibly prolific. He’s constantly producing these epic anthems.”

In the Stone preview we were fortunate to play through, we also encountered a drum machine in Stone’s apartment — perfect to lay down your own beats and anthems.

Stone heads to Windows PC and Mac today — expect our review at 5.00pm AEST.