Skull & Bones has “hardly any remnants from Black Flag”


It's its own game, says Game Director Bill Money.

Speaking with Skull & Bones’ Game Director, Bill Money, at E3 2018, I asked if he was comfortable with people summarising Ubisoft Singapore’s latest as ‘the ship bits from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.’

Money chuckled before replying.

Black Flag was definitely a starting point,” he said. “Our studio, we basically made the naval combat on Black Flag. It started in AC3 and then we worked on AC4: Black Flag naval. And then from there, our very first idea for this game was ‘hey, let’s take Black Flag and put two players in our world and see what happens.’ So that was the start of this.

Black Flag is the foundation and since then we’ve built on that and now it’s a completely different game. It’s a ship and we are behind the wheel of a ship, so there are similarities, but almost every system is something that’s unique and new. There’s hardly any remnants from Black Flag at this point.”

Skull & Bones will release sometime after April 2019 on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. We previewed the game earlier today.