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Screencheat: How its crazy weapons came to be and the possibility of more new content

Sitting down with Samurai Punk ahead of Screencheat‘s release on console, we couldn’t help but wonder how the game’s unique weaponry came to be.

“We generally designed how a weapon played before how it looked,” Samurai Punk’s Nick McDonnell said. “So I knew that I wanted a lance weapon in the game for example but lances aren’t particularly interesting to look at so I tried to figure out what could function the same but catch the eye a little more.

“Finally I realised toy horses would both look right and just be way funnier so that’s how it came to be. For some of the weirder designs, like the Sörgeån or wall_Hacker, they came out of long talks about the game’s design, and us suddenly realising that not many shooters have guns that act like a yoyo or shoot through walls. We came up with plenty of other designs through development but they often got disregarded because they felt too much like pallet swaps.”

Not all of Samurai Punk’s content has necessarily made it into the game.

“I think there’s definitely space for more maps or ragdolls/weapon skins,” McDonnell began, “but at this point we’ve been working on the game for 2 years now and 1 year of that was spent delivering free content updates more than tripling what was in the game at launch for free.”

Screencheat is available now on Windows PC and heads to Xbox One and PS4 from 1 March.

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