Interview: WWE 2K15’s Executive Producer Mark Little


After being battered by countless questions about WWE 2K15 itself, Stevivor took time to find out about the man behind the game, Mr Mark Little (above, right).

Cav, Stevivor: How often do you get to actually game when you’re not working?

Mark Little: Well that depends on the time of the year. Around this time I am all hand on our game. It’s all about playing WWE 2K15. We just want to tune it and polish it as much as we possibly can. Obviously that’s not twelve months of the year for me, so I spend a lot of time playing all across the board. I play a lot of traditional board games, I play a lot of adventure board games as well. I play certain mobile games. I just started playing the new WWE Super Card game.

Stevivor: I’ve been playing it. It’s a bit of fun.

Little: Yeah, my whole family is now hooked on it. So I play that sort of stuff. I also play the bigger RPGs. So yeah I have a pretty broad background of games. I am a fan of games.

Stevivor: Do you own many consoles?

Little: Oh yeah, all of them.

L-R Stephanie McMahon, Mark Little, Daniel Bryan, Bad News Barrett and Damien Sandow

Stevivor: So making the WWE game, seeing live events and getting close to the Superstars, has it ever tempted you to say “Hey, I could try that! I could go to the WWE Performance Centre and get a little sweaty with these guys!”?

Little: I can tell you that these guys are amazing athletes. We have our 2K Mo-Cap facility with a real WWE ring. We bring the guys up in there and I’m up there while we are doing the Mo-Cap. I watch these guys banging around and I’ve had them perform some of the moves on me. That’s enough of an experience for me to know that those guys are supposed to be in the ring and I’m supposed to be making games.

Stevivor: So we’re not going to see any action figures of you?

Little: No, no, no. I think those days have sailed for me.

Stevivor: So you said you have family, are they fans of the WWE?

Little: You know my wife — as most wives are — is not much of a fan, although she finds the storylines, the drama and the intrigue sometimes very entertaining. So she pretends she doesn’t like the WWE, but sometimes I’ll find her watching it with me and commenting. My son is learning to enjoy the WWE much more. He never really gave it a chance because he thought it was all fake. I’ve had him up at the Mo-Cap studio and he’s seen those guys hit that mat, he realises how serious this is and how talented and physically gifted these guys are. His respect level has gone up a lot. So now he’s started to enjoy the performance, the stories and the excitement of it all.

WWE 2K15 will be available for PS3 and Xbox 360 on 31 October and for PS4 and Xbox One on 21 November. Read our preview of the game here.