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Insomniac Games has fun livestreaming for its community


We'll do it live!

Spider-Man‘s Insomniac Games is doing something interesting over at their studio which you don’t see a lot of other triple-A developers doing: streaming other developers’ video games.

During the work week, developers from Insomniac Games jump into their Twitch channel and stream themselves playing games and hanging out with their community. It’s a fantastic way for fans to interact with developers and see some of the faces behind their favourite games.

We sat down with James Stevenson, Community Director at Insomniac Games, to talk about their live streams.

“It’s sort of like rolling out a welcome mat. Here is a place where every day of the week you can come to talk us live where we are on camera,” Stevenson said.

“We play a lot of our games, we play brand new games from other developers, we sometimes play old stuff that people love at the studio. It’s been a little difficult with Spider-Man shipping and everyone being really focused on that, but we’re always trying to bring different developers on. So if you want to hear from animators, artists, or designers they are there to talk about their craft. They can talk about their career, they can talk about the stuff they are working on to some extent. But just giving people a chance to interact with us and seeing where that goes.”

“It’s really just rolling out that opportunity for the community to come and chat with us on a daily basis and get to know the people around the studio. I think even with this project you are seeing even more people being active in this project on places like social media which is fun. There are a lot of people at Insomniac that are on Twitter and interacting with the community, and it’s really important for us to do that and take people’s feedback with the games.”

Walkthroughs for some of Insomniac’s titles is something that they’ve done in the past, where they have developers sit down and talk about the process behind the games. Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of the games they are excited to streaming at some stage.

“I look forward to shipping this game [Marvel’s Spider-Man] and then it will be fun to stream this game and talk about the making of it,” Stevenson added.

“Marcus Smith the director on Resistance 3 has done a whole series. We did Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time with Brian Allgeier, so it’s kind of fun for us to look back at our old games. Spider-Man will be our first chance to take a game we’ve just made and have people come in, sit down and talk about some of the stories they have around it. It’s been a lot of time and energy to do it, but its also been a lot of fun. Even just having that studio set now is awesome, it’s so useful and faster to do that now – so that has been helpful from that regard.“

Marvel’s Spider-Man is due for release 7 September, exclusive to PS4.