How Stasis will fundamentally change Destiny 2 Beyond Light

With the launch of Destiny 2 Beyond Light, Guardians will see the introduction of the first new element type ever with Stasis. If you’ve been living under a rock and missed all of the exciting trailers showing these new abilities off, Stasis is focussed entirely around freezing stuff.

Whether it’s freezing bad guys solid or creating huge walls of ice, Stasis will quite literally be a game changer for the series. In the lead up to the new expansion, Stevivor chatted with Staff Designer Chris Proctor and Producer Katherine Walker about what Stasis means for Destiny 2 going forward.

With Guardians now having the ability to generate terrain as they wish, Raids, Dungeons and even campaign missions now have a wealth of new gameplay opportunities on offer for players.

“We definitely thought of stasis as the emotional core of Beyond Light, in a lost of ways,” Katherine said.

“We have our own like, traditional triple A kind of narrative through line, but we also have what is the acquisition of stasis and what is that experience like. We did some interesting bespoke activities for it and bespoke quests for it – I think you’ll really like it.”

That doesn’t mean that endgame content like raids and dungeons will require those classes to succeed.

“A really, really old tenet is that it shouldn’t be required that you have any specific subclass to go into a raid,” she said.

“So we think about it, and we’ve playtested all the different things because we don’t want any of our mechanics to be overpowered by a specific ability trivialising a boss.”

When it comes to PvP though, all bets are off.

“It’s going to make a massive difference, maybe the single biggest difference to the way the sandbox plays in PvP the history of D2,” Chris said.

“Suddenly you have way more options for controlling the battlefield like slowing enemies down, blocking off hallways with stasis crystals. All of the stasis supers are really strong in very different ways to the light-based supers – it’s going to be super interesting to see what happens once players get their hands on it.”

Destiny 2 Beyond Light is live now on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light

10 Nov 2020 (PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One Xbox Series X)

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